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A project that started with an intrinsic interest in early 20th century animal locomotion evolved into a colourful and fun video for the band Twinfolds.

The video gave us a beautiful fundament which led us to a line of T-shirts and visuals for music festivals such as Kranck and Alterhalte.

Videoclip / Stopmotion

T-shirt design

Festival visuals

Twinfolds is a 4 piece band from Brisbane, Australia who enjoy experimenting with a variety of genres from 80s dance rock to bedroom synth pop.

The slow-moving ever-changing landscape in the animated music video perfectly represents the breezy yet eccentric nature of the song, as the focus figure slowly journeys through a barren landscape while constantly metamorphosing. The character and landscape gradually become more and more intricate, representing the personal change that ultimately leads to coming into your own after a failed relationship. Coloured in yellow, fuschia and blue, the video is trippy, quirky, and ultimately satisfying to watch.


July 2019

featured in happymag magazine

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